Allison Weiss is an indie singer-songwriter who is currently based in Los Angeles. She writes a lot of songs that will have you singing along while you lie in  bed in fetal position. She is talented, nerdy, and adorable. I recently hung out with her on the set of her new music video (out soon) and she graciously agreed to do an interview for LOE.

QWhat’s your song writing process like?

A: Nowadays it involves a lot of stream of consciousness lyrics typed out in my iPhone, waiting for the right moment to be used in a song. I don’t really have a set formula for writing, but a lot of the time it starts with one small piece of a song and then I build it from there either just on a guitar or with beats and keyboards in Logic.

QA lot of your songs are based on relationships that ended or went wrong somehow (New Love, How to be Alone, Making it Up, Back to Me). You’re happily engaged now, so how does it feel to play songs like the ones I just mentioned?

A: I’m forever emo, so all those old heartbreak songs still feel fresh when I play them, and new heartbreak songs keep coming. I use songwriting to process my emotions about the past, present, and the future, and I’m a real overthinker so I’ll probably never run out of material.

QI especially like a new song of yours called The Sound. I relate to “suffering for the sake of art” and “getting messed up just to write it down.” Here’s something I’m curious about… have you ever intentionally or subconsciously made a situation worse for the sake of having something new to write about?

A: I’m not a very dramatic person, so I don’t think I’ve ever ruined anything for my music. I think I’m more often looking back at shitty situations and saying, “well at least I got a song out of it.”

QWhat’s your latest obsession?

A: I’m wild about soccer, specifically the US Women’s National Team, so my current obsession is watching every game in the Olympics. I also love the Olympics in general! So many sports!

Q: What do you do when you’re not on tour?

A: I work as a graphic designer for other musicians. I’ve always been a super visual person, and I studied design in college, so I love to help other musicians marry imagery to their sound.

Q: What’s the best venue you’ve ever played at?

A: The Sinclair in Boston is absolutely my favorite venue in the US. The people who run it really know what touring musicians need and want. They take care of you.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I’m just getting ready for another full band headline tour this fall! It starts Sept 15th and tickets are on sale now.


Be sure to check out Allison’s music here and score yourself some tickets to her upcoming tour here