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Sarah Barowski

Behind the Mask: My Journey into the World of Drag

By: SARAH BAROWSKI To quote Eurythmics, “behind every great man, there has to be a great woman.” As a drag king relatively new to the scene, this is the motto that I live my life by. Though in drag we… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: The Closet Chronicles

By: SARAH BAROWSKI The Closet Chronicles, by author J.P. Haynes, is a short work of realistic fiction centering on the life and times of lesbian lothario D.J. Spencer as she works at a magazine job that she hates, comes to… Continue Reading →

Invisible Woman: The Butch Lesbian Struggle to be Seen

By: SARAH BAROWSKI As any butch or otherwise gender non-conforming lesbian will tell you, sometimes our biggest struggle is the simple dignity of being seen. Yes, seen. Obviously, homophobia and misogyny are also major issues, but the difference is that… Continue Reading →

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