Actualize 2024

Actualize is an intentionally-small lesbian gathering that takes place in Southern California every year (for the most part). This year, we kicked things off with trivia. People were split into teams and tasked with working together to answer questions like… Continue Reading →

Reviewing Billie Eilish’s “Hit Me Hard and Soft” as a Lesbian Who Previously Only Knew Three Things about Her

I don’t really listen to Billie Eilish. Here’s what I know about her: green hair (cool), big clothes (relatable), and she recently said that she realized she wants her face in a vagina (EXTREMELY relatable). She has existed in my… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Visibility Day 2024

In celebration of Lesbian Visibility Day, here are four real life lesbian adults who are out, proud, and living their best lives. DANNI Yesterday, I took apart my RoboRock vacuum cleaner because it wasn’t working properly. Without any assistance from… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Love Lies Bleeding

Sexy, sweaty, suspenseful. I had the pleasure of seeing Love Lies Bleeding in a theater full of gay people not once, but twice in the past month. All I knew about the movie going in was that Kristen Stewart was… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: “Is Gay Marriage Next?”

On June 26, 2003, the U.S Supreme Court ruled in favor of two gay men who had been arrested by police officers in Texas for having sex in their own home. The court maintained that the state could not “demean… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Drive-Away Dolls

Another check off the bucket list: I saw a woman eat pussy on the big screen. I didn’t know that the movie Drive-Away Dolls existed until a few days ago when I was asked to review it. Given the site… Continue Reading →

The History of Black Lesbians United

The first time I went to the Black Lesbians United Retreat, I was days away from turning 21. I didn’t have much of a lesbian community in my life at the time, so I was eager to experience BLU. I… Continue Reading →

Survivor Vanuatu and The Women’s Alliance that Could Have Been

Recently, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the hit CBS show, Survivor. So much so that my girlfriend threw me a surprise Survivor-themed birthday party a few months ago. I started with season 28 for the sole reason that it was… Continue Reading →

Notes From My First-Ever Women’s Fest

Earlier this year, I got to accomplish one of my life-long dreams: attending a women’s festival. For context, I’m in my late twenties, I’m a lesbian, and I had never been to a women-only multi-day event prior to this. I’ve… Continue Reading →

At Home with Ourselves: Medusa’s Spinster Heaven

At Home with Ourselves is an interview series in which we profile lesbian homes. From van life to the suburbs, from self-built cabins to studio apartments, from collective houses to the things that make you feel at home wherever you… Continue Reading →

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