Actualize is an intentionally-small lesbian gathering that takes place in Southern California every year (for the most part).

This year, we kicked things off with trivia. People were split into teams and tasked with working together to answer questions like “What was the slogan for Dana’s Subaru ad on the first season of The L Word?” and “In 2023, professional soccer player Ashlyn Harris left her wife for which former One Tree Hill star?”

As always, we ended the night by sitting around a campfire, eating s’mores, and talking for hours.

On Saturday, we had two workshops. During the first one, we learned about polyvagal theory and “discovered how understanding the inner workings of our nervous systems can help us manage stress, navigate life’s challenges, and cultivate healthy relationships.” During the second workshop, we got crafty and learned how to make our own stamps.

Sometime in between those two events, we hiked, did archery, went rock-climbing, and had a pool party.

During Sunday’s closing ceremony, we all shared what we had enjoyed most about our weekend in the woods. For many of us, the best part was having the opportunity to build community with one another in a way that isn’t possible in everyday settings.

Here are some highlight’s from this year’s gathering

Actualize is an intentionally-small, lesbian focused gathering. Tickets are not available to the general public. If you’re a lesbian or a bisexual woman who is interested in attending, email us at [email protected]