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Everyday Lesbophobia: Submission #4

Description: The author shares a conversation that she had with her mother as well as some of her thoughts about it. “How was your week?” “Fine. Oh, I forgot. Alex said something that pissed me off. He told me I looked… Continue Reading →

All Homo: How Straight Women Delegitimize Lesbian Relationships

We’re all familiar with one of the ways in which straight men casually express their homophobia. It’s the thing where they distance themselves from any action or activity that might be interpreted as gay. They won’t hold hands with their male… Continue Reading →

Everyday Lesbophobia: Submissions 1-3

Description: Readers share stories about discrimination they’ve experienced as lesbians.   Submission #1: My experiences of everyday lesbophobia are : Being told by boys and men that they can “fix” me Having a friend sever all contact with me after… Continue Reading →

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