Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submission #8

Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few.


Fast, fiery, and gone. Like smoke seeping out of all my creaking crevices. I disappointed her in a shade that stains. I was young and she was too. I regret denying her and myself.



Loving her was like a dream. Sometimes things seemed incorrect but it was okay, we went with it. I took it for granted, and then like waking up, I left it. Seeing her again seemed like trying to remember a dream.



Pain, pain, pain. Mine, yours. Yours, mine. It felt like my thoughts were swarms of bees. Sometimes they were angry, mostly they never shut up. Being with you my pain, your pain, my pain, transformed. Now I think we’re both new. I hope the best for you.


-M.E., 21, Virginia

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