Test your knowledge of random lesbian information today. No cheating.

  1. Tegan and Sara is a band that is comprised of identical twin sisters. What is their last name? (A) Quentin (B) Smith (C) Quin (D) Kleeman
  2. The nod of acknowledgement that lesbians give when we see each other in public is commonly known as: (A) Gaydar (B) The Lavender Signal (C) The dyke nod
  3. Who was the creator and executive producer of The L Word? (A) Shonda Rhimes (B) Jamie Babbit (C) Ilene Chaiken (D) Wes Anderson
  4. What is the title of the book that Jenny Schecter wrote? (A) I’m the Worst (B) Some of her Parts (C) Misunderstood Girl
  5. Who was the first lesbian in space? (A) Susie Bell (B) Sally Ride (C) Kate Mckinnon
  6. The Color Purple is a critically-acclaimed book which featured a relationship between two black women. Who wrote the book? (A) Elena Dykewomon (B) Staceyann Chin (C) Alice Walker (D) Oprah Winfrey
  7. What is the name of the award-winning Broadway musical that is based on a memoir and features a lesbian protagonist during three stages of her life? (A) The Book of Mormon (B) The Color Purple (C) Fun Home (D) Annie
  8. What is the name of the biweekly comic that features a real life lesbian couple who live in Florida? (A) Jaime and Tanis (B) Feudal Nerds (C) This Lesbian Life
  9. During the first season of The L Word, Bette had an affair with another woman. What was this woman’s job? (A) Mechanic (B) Painter (C) Carpenter
  10. Ellen Page came out as a lesbian during a holiday. Which one was it? (A) Christmas (B) Valentine’s Day (C) New Year’s Eve
  11. What is the title of the TV series that follows the lives of a group of lesbians in Scotland? (A) Lavender Collective (B) The L Word, UK (C) Lip Service (D) Lesbians in Scotland
  12. What is name of the lesbian character who had an identical twin sister on Skins UK? (A) Katie Fitch (B) Emily Fitch (C)Sarah Summers (D) Alexis Summers
  13. Who directed the 1999 lesbian rom-com, But, I’m a Cheerleader? (A) Joanna Smith (B) Jamie Babbit (C) Michelle Ehlen
  14. What is the name of the annual retreat that currently takes place in California and is organized by and for black lesbians? (A) Sistah Fest (B) BLU Retreat (C) Black Girls Rock
  15. The act of two lesbians moving in together after dating for a short period of time is commonly known as (A) Shacking up (B) U-hauling (C) Going to IKEA
  16. Who was the first real life lesbian to play a lesbian main character on a TV show? (A) Ellen Degenerees (B) Queen Latifah (C) Jane Lynch
  17. Which lesbian civil rights organization advertised itself as “A Woman’s Organization for the purpose of Promoting the Integration of the Homosexual into Society”? (A) Radical Lesbians (B) The Lesbian Avengers (C) Daughters of Bilitis (D) The Lavender Menace
  18. What is the name of the lesbian who fled her homophobic family and sailed from Russia to Canada to be with her girlfriend? (A) Mara (B)Anna (C) Ruth (D) Elena
  19. This female artist starred in the Disney Channel original movie, Lemonade Mouth, and has recorded several songs about liking other women: (A) Ashley Tisdale (B) Hayley Kiyoko (C) Vanessa Hudgens
  20. What is the name of the lead singer of the indie lesbian band, Sick of Sarah? (A) Abisha Uhl (B) Sarah Collins (C) Tegan Quin

ANSWERS: (1)C (2)C (3)C (4)B (5)B (6)C (7)C (8)B( 9)C (10)B (11)C (12)B (13)B (14)B (15)B (16)A (17)C (18)D (19)B (20)A