Constance Wu and Angela Trimbur play a lesbian couple who are celebrating their engagement by having a weekend getaway with a few close friends.

Relatively early in the film, Lu (Trimbur) lets it slip that she has never had an orgasm. She says this in front of the entire group, and the revelation comes as a huge surprise to her soon-to-be-wife. She had been faking it the whole time that were together, and Andi (Wu) had no idea.

This development combined with an unwise hookup between two other people in the friend group, leads to a lot of drama and unnecessary tension. Thankfully, Helen (Ever Mainard) is always there to lighten the mood with her um… fun personality. She was by far, my favorite character.

Helen, Ten Seconds After She Walked into the House

Back to our main couple. Andi tries to “fix the problem” by focusing on Lu the next time they have sex, but she still ends up being the only one who has an orgasm. This leads to a big fight. Andi is upset that Lu hasn’t been honest with her. Lu tells Andi that she isn’t an easy person to talk to. Andi responds to this by yelling, thereby proving Lu’s point. Lu runs out, leaving the conversation unfinished.

After taking some time to reflect, Andi comes to the conclusion that she is the problem, and so she decides to end their relationship and leave the house right away. Lu stops her, and for the first time, she says what she’s thinking without holding anything back.

I love you, you love me. We’re in this together. You’re not going anywhere, okay?… This is just one speed bump in life, and we’re gonna have so many more. I promise, this is nothing.

They kiss and make up. As viewers, we get a happy ending, and a helpful hint about making relationships last: don’t run away every time things get a little difficult. Be willing to stay long enough to have hard conversations that just might make your relationship stronger.

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