One or all of these will be sure to put a smile on your face.

1. “Lesbian Issues” by Hart

Hart talks about “lesbian issues that need to be discussed and addressed pronto…like right now”. (Song starts at the one minute mark).

2. “Butch/Femme” by Team Gina

My favorite line from this song is “huh, what? You know what I like? The rough, strong hands of a big butch dyke.” Me too, girl. Me too.

Watch the video here

3. “Homo Song” by Mara Levi

This is the cutest thing!

4. “Lick It” by Goddess & She

You might have heard this one on The L Word. Make sure you take notes.

5. “BFF 4 LIFE” by J.A.M

For context, J.A.M is a fake girl group that is made up of 3 lesbian Youtubers; Jade (Foxyhotmess), Amber (AmbersCloset) and Hart. The acronym J.A.M stands for the names of the characters that each of them play–Jayduh, Ambrosia, and Michellé



If you know of any other funny lesbian music videos, please include them in the comments below.