One or all of these will be sure to put a smile on your face.

1.¬†“Lesbian Issues” by Hart

Hart talks about “lesbian issues that need to be discussed and addressed pronto…like right now”. (Song starts at the one minute mark).

2. “Butch/Femme” by Team Gina

My favorite line from this song is “huh, what? You know what I like? The rough, strong hands of a big butch dyke.” Me too, girl. Me too.

Watch the video here

3. “Homo Song” by Mara Levi

This is the cutest thing!

4. “Lick It” by Goddess & She

You might have heard this one on The L Word. Make sure you take notes.

5. “BFF 4 LIFE” by J.A.M

For context, J.A.M is a fake girl group that is made up of 3 lesbian Youtubers; Jade (Foxyhotmess), Amber (AmbersCloset) and Hart. The acronym J.A.M stands for the names of the characters that each of them play–Jayduh, Ambrosia, and Michell√©



If you know of any other funny lesbian music videos, please include them in the comments below.