This website was created by two lesbians who got fed up with the way in which we as a group are represented in the media. We created this space so that lesbians can have the opportunity to tell our own stories and be heard.

Another reason why we felt it necessary to create Lesbians Over Everything is because there are very few (if any) websites that are reserved for just lesbians and our unique experiences.

We currently have five segments on Lesbians Over Everything. We will feature lesbian filmmakers, musicians, artists, and more in a segment called “Aaah Real Lesbians.” Readers will share the instances of discrimination they’ve experienced while being out as lesbians in a segment called “Everyday Lesbophobia.” There’s a segment called “Every Woman I Have Ever Loved,” and those who send submissions in will write about–you guessed it– every woman they have ever loved. We will review lesbian media in “Lez Review,” and in “Out on the Town,” we will write about the adventures we’ve had while going out and exploring the night life of our respective cities.

Thanks for reading this far. If you’re a lesbian, we hope you’ll stick around, and become a part of this community.


Ashley Obinwanne


Bit Blair