In the fall of 2015, I attended my first ever women’s music festival. I spent a week camping in the woods of Michigan, surrounded by thousands of women. It was an unforgettable experience that was filled with music, love, and dyke drama.

My time there inspired me to seek out more lesbian/ women’s events. I found out about OreGaia, Ohio Lesbian Fest, and The Black Lesbians United Retreat in the process. I even got inspired to create a lesbian gathering of my own.

Discovering a world of lesbian events was life-changing, and now I attend at least four of them each year. In an attempt to inform more women about the existence of these events, and to encourage them to go, I have compiled a list of all the ones in the United States that I’ve heard about. Feel free to circulate this list however you see fit.

But first, here are a few DISCLAIMERS:

  1. This list was compiled by one person, and only includes events that she has heard of. It is by no means a complete list of every lesbian and/ or women’s event in the United States. (However, feel free to send event suggestions to: [email protected])
  2. An event’s presence on this list does not mean that Lesbians Over Everything vouches for said event or its policies– it just means that we recognize it as an annual event that is mostly attended by women.
  3. Due to the fact that lesbians are in high attendance at most women’s events, we use “women’s events” and “lesbian events” interchangeably in this article, but in reality, only a handful of these events are self-described as “lesbian”.

And now, without further ado, a list of lesbian/ women’s events that take place every year:


(Use the arrows on the bottom of the first page, to navigate between pages. If you would like to have a copy of this PDF emailed to you, please write to us at [email protected]).

Mark your calendars for next year’s events!