Description: Three lesbians tell us the stories of how they met their girlfriends, who made the first move, how long it took them to move in together, and so on.


My girlfriend and I met on OKCupid almost 4 years ago. She made the first move – I was too intimidated to message her; later found out the intimidation was mutual. We’ve been officially dating for about 3 and a half years and moved in together after about 2 and a half years.



I met my girlfriend during Memorial Day weekend in Provincetown. She’s my best friend’s girlfriend’s ex, and we were introduced when she was apparently already pretty drunk. After parting ways, she rallied and we met back up at Boatslip and got to talking about our favorite horror movies. She bought me a drink, asked for my number, and we had dinner the next night. We’ve been dating ever since. The Blair Witch project brings people together.



my girlfriend and I met on OKCupid in 2011. I stalked her across the internet (found her Twitter and Bandcamp fairly easily) and we started chatting/texting a LOT. I was in a non-relationship relationship and basically living with someone else at the time (this girl refused to call me her girlfriend but acted like we were together in most other senses) and I was really unhappy – Ali helped me get out of that. She lived in Montana and I lived in California, and I was only 19 at the time.

I went to visit her and fell in love super fast (I was actually already probably in love at the point that I arrived at the airport) but unfortunately, after I went back home, she realized long distance wouldn’t work for her. I was absolutely heartbroken and i never, I mean NEVER, got over it. I eventually moved on enough to be involved in a long term relationship with someone else, but Ali was always in the back of my mind and I looked at her Facebook and Twitter frequently.

The person I was dating (who was originally my ~rebound~ but it just kind of took off) actually ended up proposing to me and I, thinking I would never find anyone else to love me anyway and feeling generally secure in my relationship, said yes – even though my heart wasn’t 100% in it. Ali found out I was engaged, crawled out of the woodwork, asked if I was happy… and made me realize that I wasn’t. My relationship slowly began to come apart at the seams (which was a long-time coming; we had been together for two years and it was totally unhealthy the entire time. I felt secure in the fact that this partner would never have left me, but we were NOT a good match). I told my ~fiance~ that i needed some space and that I wanted to go visit an old friend in Montana.

I bought a plane ticket and went out there within a couple of weeks. The first night I was there, Ali and i did MDMA and stayed up all night touching and talking. I did a lot of crying about how heartbroken she had left me 3 years prior, she did a lot of apologizing and we did a TON of connecting. I broke up with my fiance the next day, and never went back home.

Ali and I have been in a relationship for almost three years now. We’ve been living together for just as long. We’ve lived in 4 homes and 2 states, and we have grown together so much. She has seen me through my worst moments and vice versa.

Not exactly the nicest story, but I’m so happy that I did what I did and that I found her again. She is the absolute most perfect joy of my life. We plan to get married eventually but we’re not in any rush as we’re basically married as it is – we share everything and love each other completely.