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“Somehow Our Paths Crossed”

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submission #13 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. I don’t remember where or how Heather and I met. She lived across town and we had no… Continue Reading →

“I Love You No Matter What”: Recognizing Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships

In a normal relationship, “I love you no matter what” might come up every once in a while–maybe after resolving a petty argument, making a big life decision, or even as a vow at the altar. It means that your… Continue Reading →

Almost Everything I Know About Healthy Relationships, I Learned From My Cat (PART 3)

PART THREE: Gracie’s Affirmative Yes (read parts 1 and 2) Gracie was rescued from the streets of Long Beach; pregnant, emaciated and suffering from a serious respiratory infection. She was reluctant to allow anyone, even the human she’d decided to… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Online Dating Survey Results

We made a survey asking lesbians questions about their online dating habits, and we posted said survey on our social media pages. One hundred people responded, and the results are in. We hope that this information comes in handy as… Continue Reading →

“How Did You Meet Your Girlfriend?”

Description: Three lesbians tell us the stories of how they met their girlfriends, who made the first move, how long it took them to move in together, and so on. Holly My girlfriend and I met on OKCupid almost 4 years ago. She… Continue Reading →

Bumbling Baby Dyke: Submissions 1-3

Share a cute, funny, or embarrassing story from the time in your life when you were a newly minted lesbian. I’d Played That Part Mistakenly I didn’t really try anything with girls until university. The first time I had an encounter with… Continue Reading →

Breakups and How to Survive Them

How do you go from wanting to talk to someone every day to being okay with barely speaking? How do you become able to think of them without your heart aching? When will you be able to go about your… Continue Reading →

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