Description: Local lesbian goes out and sees what her city has to offer. Local lesbian writes about it.

It’s June, and pride in Los Angeles is going strong. There are so many great gay and lesbian events happening this month, and OUR HOUSE was one of them.

The event page described it as “a specially curated, safe space to share your pride, this season.” And the organizers delivered on that promise by at first only granting entry to those who had reserved free tickets online weeks in advance. This way, random straight people were kept out (at least until 11pm when the doors became open to all), and members of our community were prioritized.

OUR HOUSE took place on a Thursday night at No Vacancy in Hollywood. The venue has a secret entrance that blew my mind. One second I was standing in a small room with about five other women (one of whom was voluntarily being whipped by a dominatrix), and the next, I was “transported” into the downstairs area where the bar is.

There was so much going on: DJs like Goodboy and Sam Ronson playing music outside on the dance floor, a room filled with balloons upstairs, local vendors selling their merch, a group of dancers putting on a show, and more. There was something for everyone.

Balloon Room

I met the stars of “LA Web Series”

Dance Floor

Amy being a huge lesbian

OUR HOUSE was dope! And it’s exactly what we needed to get pride season started off right.