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The History of Black Lesbians United

The first time I went to the Black Lesbians United Retreat, I was days away from turning 21. I didn’t have much of a lesbian community in my life at the time, so I was eager to experience BLU. I… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: “Everything Sucks”

When I clicked on the first episode of Netflix’s new original series, Everything Sucks, I had low expectations. The first few minutes had me thinking that the entire show would follow the lives of three boys as they navigated their… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Online Dating Survey Results

We made a survey asking lesbians questions about their online dating habits, and we posted said survey on our social media pages. One hundred people responded, and the results are in. We hope that this information comes in handy as… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Visibility Day

In celebration of Lesbian Visibility Day, here are six real life lesbian adults who are out, proud, and living their best lives. SHAI I coach wrestling. It became my passion back in high school when I didn’t make the girl’s basketball… Continue Reading →

Aaah Real Lesbians: Joann “Paradigm” Roberts

Joann Roberts, also known as “Jo” or by her stage name, Paradigm, is a poet, musician, and producer. Her focus is the promotion of reflection, growth, healing, and awareness through art. She is known for her laid back, mellow stage presence that is… Continue Reading →

Kissing in Psych Hospitals

Day 3: February 14, 2010 “We had a new girl today too. Her name is Lea. She’s pretty and she has adorable freckles. She’s 15 and she tried to kill herself. She has a valley girl voice. She cuts herself… Continue Reading →

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