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Kissing in Psych Hospitals

Day 3: February 14, 2010 “We had a new girl today too. Her name is Lea. She’s pretty and she has adorable freckles. She’s 15 and she tried to kill herself. She has a valley girl voice. She cuts herself… Continue Reading →

“At Least I Have the Memories”

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submission #7 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. The day after our first sleepover, she texted me. The message was long enough that it got separated into… Continue Reading →

“How Did You Meet Your Girlfriend?”

Description: Three lesbians tell us the stories of how they met their girlfriends, who made the first move, how long it took them to move in together, and so on. Holly My girlfriend and I met on OKCupid almost 4 years ago. She… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Liberty’s Secret

The tagline for Liberty’s Secret describes it as “a girl-meets-girl musical-movie. About the song and dance of politics.”  Personally, I would have described it as Jenny’s Wedding meets But I’m a Cheerleader meets musical theater.  It’s silly and lighthearted, even… Continue Reading →

They Knew What I Meant: Larissa’s Coming Out Story

Coming out was something I put a lot of thought into. I imagined all the ways my family would react and played the scenes out in my head in great detail. My mother and siblings weren’t religious or anything like… Continue Reading →

Dyke March is for Dykes

Women will continue to resist the force that attempts to eviscerate persons from history into the category of ephemera. Out of the streets and into the home or cubicle, into a poem or greeting card. There are still reasons to… Continue Reading →

On the Appropriation of Femme

Description: Four of our femme readers discuss the term, its meaning, its significance within lesbian history, and its appropriation by people who are not lesbians. Tia: Femme is a hard word to define, I think. We could just say “a lesbian who… Continue Reading →

“You Set the Bar Before it All Fell to Pieces”

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submissions #5 and #6 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. “We Had The Same First Name” The first woman I ever loved, or thought I loved,… Continue Reading →

Bumbling Baby Dyke: Submissions 1-3

Share a cute, funny, or embarrassing story from the time in your life when you were a newly minted lesbian. I’d Played That Part Mistakenly I didn’t really try anything with girls until university. The first time I had an encounter with… Continue Reading →

So-So, or Comme ci, Comme ça : A Coming Out Story

Coming out as a lesbian in the freezing tundra of Upstate New York was a confusing but exciting time for me. Most days the weather was a blizzard of snowflakes and harsh, blinding wind, but it didn’t matter. My young… Continue Reading →

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