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So-So, or Comme ci, Comme ça : A Coming Out Story

Coming out as a lesbian in the freezing tundra of Upstate New York was a confusing but exciting time for me. Most days the weather was a blizzard of snowflakes and harsh, blinding wind, but it didn’t matter. My young… Continue Reading →

“I Think Everyone Loves their First in a Way”

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved, Submission #3 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. My Best Friend – We met in 3rd grade and had been inseparable since. Lunchtime, recess, and class time were… Continue Reading →

Everyday Lesbophobia: Submission #4

Description: The author shares a conversation that she had with her mother as well as some of her thoughts about it. “How was your week?” “Fine. Oh, I forgot. Alex said something that pissed me off. He told me I looked… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?

“My advice to anybody is: get born.” If you’ve read anything by Jeanette Winterson, it was probably Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, a classic lesbian coming of age novel in the same vein as Rubyfruit Jungle, in which a… Continue Reading →

I Am Not a Therapist: How can I find a girlfriend who shares my political views?

  How can I find a girlfriend who shares my political views?   Don’t. Look for something better than that. Look for a woman who doesn’t see life as a constant battle between good and evil (but who usually roots for… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Unbearable Lightness

If you’re looking for stories written about lesbians, by lesbians, you can’t do much better than a good autobiography. I’ve been on a lesbian memoir kick for about a year now, but until last week, I was avoiding Unbearable Lightness because I… Continue Reading →

Out on the Town: Gay eye contact on the train

Description: Lesbian leaves the house, makes gay eye contact. Lesbian writes about it.   The M train, Tuesday morning: I was heading to work at 10:30 am, and the train was mostly empty. Somebody boarded the train a few stops… Continue Reading →

Juliette’s Coming Out Story

I’ve known I loved women ever since I fell head over heels for my pediatrician’s daughter at age five. My mom and I were at the local K-Mart (probably shopping for hair bows made of shoestring or something) when we… Continue Reading →

Dyke Therapy: The seven stages of shaving your head

A photojournalistic essay, with blurry selfies. Stage 1. Chickening out You don’t like your hair. Every time you go to the bathroom mirror, tilt your head to one side and flatten it down with your hands. “I’m gonna do it,” you… Continue Reading →

Are Lesbians Still Relevant? Lesbians Respond

Last week, this image caused a stir on social media: The flyer advertised a panel discussion to be held at DePaul University, titled “Are Lesbians Still Relevant?” Many women, who felt that the event’s title was insensitive, weighed in on the… Continue Reading →

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