Every Woman I Have Ever Loved, Submission #3

Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few.

  1. My Best Friend – We met in 3rd grade and had been inseparable since. Lunchtime, recess, and class time were all spent together. People thought we were sisters. We liked all the same things, but in my mind she was the shining star between us. She was smart, talented, pretty, funny, and popular. We imagined a life together, just the two of us in the future. I didn’t realize until years later that she was the first girl I ever loved. The word ‘lesbian’ was foreign to me then. We lost contact by high school, but I still think about her sometimes.


  1. My First Everything – I think everyone loves their first, in a way. She was my first girlfriend, my first kiss, my first everything. We met by chance, and I was absolutely stunned when she later asked me out. She was beautiful, with thick expressive eyebrows and long brown hair that cloaked me like a veil when we kissed. I remember being young, dumb and giddy around her – kissing too hard, bumping teeth, covering my eyes when she changed around me. We lasted about 6 months, as teenagers do, when she moved on to college and we broke up. She was one of the most genuine and good people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


  1. The Older Woman – I can recall her with the most clarity because I still love her, in a way. She was twice my age and happily married. I fell in love with her on accident, over the span of a few months. She was a superbly kind and caring person, one of the only people I felt I could ever really talk to. She has a laugh like machine gun fire, high pitched and rapid and contagious. She’s a funny, mischievous woman whose eyes crinkle when she smiles. I know she loves me, just not the same way I love her. I’m okay with that. She’s happy with her life, and I’m happy to be a part of it.


-Anonymous,  21


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