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The Implications of Loving Another Woman

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submission #14 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. Every woman I have ever loved has left me for a man. The girl I loved in high… Continue Reading →

Lez Review: Twenties

Twenties is a comedy about three best friends who are all trying to “make it” in Hollywood. The semi-autobiographical series was created by Lena Waithe (Queen & Slim, The Chi, Master of None) and premiered on BET earlier this month…. Continue Reading →

Man Lauded as LGBT Ally after Yelling “That’s So Hot” at Lesbian Wedding

PORTLAND, OREGON Last week, a video of a man yelling “that’s so hot” at a lesbian wedding as the brides kissed went viral. It was shared widely on social media and received mostly positive comments. One Facebook user wrote “aww,… Continue Reading →

Monthly Lesbian Events in Los Angeles: 2020 Edition

Two years ago, I made a list of monthly lesbian events in Los Angeles. Today, literally none of those events exist anymore. But fear not, lesbians of LA, new things have sprung up to fill the void. This is a… Continue Reading →

Couple No Longer Straight After Trying Weird New Sex Thing

Congratulations to Landon and Felicity for no longer being a straight couple after trying a weird new sex thing last Sunday!  Tantric Yoga Reiki Energy Doinking, or TYRED, is the newest of new age alternative sex acts. “It involves no… Continue Reading →

Which Hellsite is this From? (Part 13)

I’ve collected a handful of screenshots from various websites across the internet. The screenshots are from articles and posts that I think are ridiculous, obscene, cringe-worthy, incorrect, or watered down to the point of no meaning. Your job is to… Continue Reading →

Out on the Town: Los Angeles Lady Arm Wrestlers

Description: Local lesbian goes out and sees what her city has to offer. Local lesbian writes about it. Los Angeles Lady Arm Wrestlers (LA LAW) is a non-profit that puts on over-the-top arm wrestling tournaments that are just as much… Continue Reading →

“Somehow Our Paths Crossed”

Every Woman I Have Ever Loved: Submission #13 Description: Reader submissions about women they’ve loved– all of them, or just a memorable few. I don’t remember where or how Heather and I met. She lived across town and we had no… Continue Reading →

Directory of Lesbian Events in The US

In the fall of 2015, I attended my first ever women’s music festival. I spent a week camping in the woods of Michigan, surrounded by thousands of women. It was an unforgettable experience that was filled with music, love, and… Continue Reading →

Tegan and Sara’s “Hey I’m Just Like You” Tour is Unlike Any Other

This photo of the marquee (above) is the only photo that I have from last night’s Tegan and Sara show in Los Angeles, and there’s a good reason for that. While making their ninth studio album, Hey I’m Just Like… Continue Reading →

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