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Out on the Town: OUR HOUSE

Description: Local lesbian goes out and sees what her city has to offer. Local lesbian writes about it. It’s June, and pride in Los Angeles is going strong. There are so many great gay and lesbian events happening this month,… Continue Reading →

Highlights from ACTUALIZE 2018

Actualize is an invite-only lesbian gathering that takes place in Southern California every year in May. I just got back from the last one, and these were some of the highlights: THE POOL PARTY This year, we kicked the pool… Continue Reading →

Which Hellsite is this From? (Part 7)

I’ve collected a handful of screenshots from various websites across the internet. The screenshots are of small segments of articles and posts that I think are ridiculous, obscene, cringe-worthy, incorrect, or watered down to the point of no meaning. Your… Continue Reading →

Out on the Town: WxW (For Women. By Women)

Description: Local lesbian goes out and sees what her city has to offer. Local lesbian writes about it. “For Women. By Women” (abbreviated as WxW) is a daytime event that was organized by members of the Los Angeles LGBT Center…. Continue Reading →

Partheneia: A New Lesbian Travel Company

Partheneia is a newly-founded lesbian travel and event company that specializes in intimate boutique vacations and events for women who love women. Its founders are Kyra Borromeo and Melina Rodriguez, two LA-based lesbians who love to travel. I recently spoke… Continue Reading →

Photos From Dinah 2018

Check out some of the photos we took at Dinah Shore this year                    

Ten Lesbians, One House: A Dinah Shore Experience

We drove from LA to Palm Springs in groups of two and three. I carpooled with my friend Sam, and her ex-girlfriend, Rachel. They had planned the trip to Dinah Shore when they were still together. We arrived at the… Continue Reading →

The Best Lesbian Coming Out Scenes on TV

These are some of my favorite lesbian coming out scenes on television. Please note that this article contains spoilers from Skins UK, One Day at a Time, and Master of None. Naomi Campbell (Skins UK) Naomi was a main character on… Continue Reading →

Girls in Wonderland 2018

Girls in Wonderland is an annual event in Orlando, Florida that attracts thousands of women from all around the world. The 21 and over event offers live music, pool parties, comedy shows, and more. Girls in Wonderland was created by… Continue Reading →

Woman Makes Up Stories and Successfully Passes them Off as parts of LGBT History

A woman from Hackensack, New Jersey has come forward as the creative mind behind what used to be an anonymously-run “LGBT History” account on Twitter. Caroline Anderson created @LGBTHIS2RY as a joke in March of 2017. Her first tweet simply… Continue Reading →

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