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Local Woman is left Devastated after being Mistaken for a Lesbian

Last week, 25 year old, Jessica Mowers got a $78 haircut at a “gluten-free, soul-affirming, gender-neutral” salon in Echo Park. Since then, she has been mistaken for a lesbian on two separate occasions, and these incidents have left her feeling… Continue Reading →

YouTube Continues to be Homophobic

Earlier this year, YouTube received criticism from members of the LGBT community because of the company’s decision to censor videos with gay and lesbian content in what they call “Restricted Mode”. According to Google (the company that owns YouTube), “Restricted Mode… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Trivia

Test your knowledge of random lesbian information today. No cheating. Tegan and Sara is a band that is comprised of identical twin sisters. What is their last name? (A) Quentin (B) Smith (C) Quin (D) Kleeman The nod of acknowledgement… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Friend Group Runs out of New Members to Hook Up With

It happened late last night, in the corner of a crowded bar. Kelsie and Amanda inched closer and closer together until their lips met– a seemingly harmless interaction. What you don’t know is that up until that point, they were… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Online Dating Survey Results

We made a survey asking lesbians questions about their online dating habits, and we posted said survey on our social media pages. One hundred people responded, and the results are in. We hope that this information comes in handy as… Continue Reading →

Out on the Town: Smash Bash (Jell-O Wrestling)

Description: Local lesbian goes out and sees what her city has to offer. Local lesbian writes about it. Someone recently sent me a Facebook invite to an event called Smash Bash, and the description was as follows: Derby girls Jell-O wrestling, $2… Continue Reading →

Which Hellsite is this From? (Part 5)

I’ve collected a handful of screenshots from various websites across the internet. The screenshots are of small segments of articles and posts that I think are ridiculous, obscene, cringe-worthy, incorrect, or watered down to the point of no meaning. Your job is to… Continue Reading →

Polyamory Officially Ruled as “The Only Thing Lesbians Can’t Do”

After a year-long intensive study, U.S scientists have declared that polyamory is the only thing that lesbians just can’t do. The study, which involved over fifty lesbians from all around the country, documented the women’s dating experiences in detail. These… Continue Reading →

Out on the Town: NYC Dyke March

Last weekend, I went back to New York for the first time since I moved to Los Angeles three years ago. Part of the reason for my visit was to attend Dyke March in New York City. Shortly before the… Continue Reading →

5 Hilarious Lesbian Music Videos

One or all of these will be sure to put a smile on your face. 1. “Lesbian Issues” by Hart Hart talks about “lesbian issues that need to be discussed and addressed pronto…like right now”. (Song starts at the one minute… Continue Reading →

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